A man is in custody after attempting to run from law enforcement in a Polaris utility vehicle early Monday morning. According to the Bozeman Police Department, the man drove through yards, parks, and all over the north end of Bozeman trying to evade police officers.

Bozeman Police Officer, Kyle Hodges was patrolling the north end of Bozeman early Monday morning when he witnessed a man in a Polaris utility vehicle commit a traffic violation. Officer Hodges attempted to pull the vehicle over but was unsuccessful. The driver did not respond to sirens and lights, and a pursuit began shortly after.

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The man reportedly led officers on a chase through yards, parks, and much of the north end of Bozeman early Monday morning. Montana Highway Patrol and the Gallatin County Sheriff's Office were called in to help maintain a perimeter and keep the utility vehicle in sight.

The pursuit ended when the man rolled the vehicle. Bozeman Police proceeded to arrest the man and take him into custody. There was also a female passenger in the vehicle at the time of the crash who suffered minor, non-life-threatening injuries. Bozeman Police discovered that the man had three warrants for his arrest. He was also listed as an absconder from felony probation and was driving with a suspended drivers license.

Officers later found out that the vehicle was stolen. The man was charged with felony motor vehicle theft and criminal endangerment. Multiple misdemeanor charges were also requested through the county attorney's office.

The man is currently being held at the Gallatin County Detention Center. He is currently being held on no bond for violating the terms of his felony probation.

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