Let's be honest here, as much as we think we get a ton of snow, there are places in Montana that get a lot more.

Winter is upon us and that means a buttload of snow is coming all over Montana. The thing is, not all Montana cities or towns are equal when the factor deals with snowfall every year. Certain places in Montana get more snow than others and according to this, Montana city is one of the snowiest in the United States.

Money Inc. came out with the 20 Snowiest Cities in the United States and only one Montana city landed on the list and it's a bit surprising, to be honest. When I think of the snowiest cities in Montana I think of Bozeman, Butte, and even Helena. Money Inc. has declared that Great Falls, Montana is one of the snowiest in the United States.

Photo by Aaron Burden via Unsplash
Photo by Aaron Burden via Unsplash

Great Falls is one of the most populated cities in Montana and rests a little more than the hour on the Canadian border. Great Falls averages around 15 degrees in temperature every January and over sixty inches of snow. That describes one of the worst Montana winters you could have.

The only other town or city that I know that should probably make this list is Havre. A few years ago they had to cancel school three weeks in a row because of the huge snowfall they got consistently. Havre was essentially cut off from all of Montana. The highway was closed and the snow was over six feet tall. There's a reason why there used to be an underground city in Havre in the old west.

For more details, check out Money Inc.

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