I was first introduced to the U of M Osprey Cam by friends in New York. They spend many an hour checking out the well placed bird webcam and were surprised to learn I had never seen it.

This fun-to-watch webcam has a very serious academic purpose, with information gathered being shared across the country.

According to the Montana Osprey Project:

The Osprey Project is a long-term study of osprey ecology and heavy metal contamination in Montana's upper Clark Fork River and its tributaries.

As part of our work, we run two live streaming nest cams in Missoula (Hellgate Canyon) and Lolo (Dunrovin Ranch.)

Funding for this project is made possible by the University of Montana, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, several small grants and donations.

You can watch the Missoula Ospreys live here, anytime! 

(Just be aware that the webcams have sound too and the bird noises might freak out your cat if you have one...)


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