So many of us have fallen in love with the convenience of DoorDash and other delivery services. The pandemic was one thing. Now it's an enormous time saver. However, I'm now concerned with reports of local restaurants taking a much bigger hit on these types of orders.

So, is my DoorDash order making my favorite local restaurants any money? I know I tip the Dasher quite well, but what about everything before that?

When you do a little research online, you'll find myriad answers to this very question about what percentages delivery services are charging restaurants to be on their platform. AND, there are different tiers of charges.

I have seen everything from 6% to 25% being charges by the platforms to the restaurants. Then if you search a little on social media groups, you can find a few restaurant owners crying foul due to even HIGHER cuts in their already low margin.

What's the real story? I want to feel good about placing an order via delivery apps...not do harm to a local business. Sure, I have to think that a business owner wouldn't put themselves on these platforms if there wasn't money to be made. Why would they do it otherwise?

On a positive note, I've read several chains from various delivery drivers and for the most part their experience is pretty good. Some have made an art of being a driver for these apps and say they're taking home up to $200 a day. Not too shabby. Of course there's the wear and tear on your car AND the lack of benefits, being just a side hustle.

But on a grander scale, "What say you", restaurant owners? Having your patron in-store is probably the most ideal and the most profitable. But in the meantime, are these delivery platforms helping or hurting? Hundred of us want to know...

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