With a severe lack of moisture, things aren't looking good for Montana's upcoming fire season.

Much of southwestern Montana has experienced below-average precipitation. Gallatin County, for instance, is only 75% of normal, according to the National Weather and Climate Center. February 2022 was the 8th dryest February on record in the past 128 years.

York Volunteer Fire Department
York Volunteer Fire Department

Much of the state is already dealing with extreme drought due to a lack of snowfall and annual moisture. That means the fire season this summer could be one of the worst in state history.

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No major wildfires have been reported so far this year, but recent smaller fires have caused concern.

Folks, no joke, we are very dry and wildfires will start very easily.

said the York Volunteer Fire Department in Montana.

As stated above, conditions in Montana are extremely dry and the potential for starting a wildfire or bushfire is very high. In many places throughout the state, the snow has already melted and things are already starting to dry out.


At one time last year, Montana had the most fires burning in the United States, and if conditions don't improve during the spring, Montana is most likely going to have one of its worst fire seasons in history.

The lack of precipitation could also have a drastic impact on Montana's cattle industry. Many water sources used for grazing are beginning to dry up. Ranchers and farmers in Montana had to deal with drought in 2021, and unfortunately, it doesn't look like things are expected to get any better this year.

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