There's a new Montana state law that went into effect on October 1 that you need to know about, especially if you do a lot of traveling. If you break the law, you could receive a fine of up to $10,000, and you could even end up in jail.

Montana Highway Patrol

Summer in Montana is known as "construction season." Due to the state's long winters, the majority of road work is done during the warmer months. A new state law will require drivers to slow down and move over for those working on roadways in Montana. Information about the new law can be found on the Move Over Montana page on Facebook.

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What You Need to Know About the New Enhanced Move-Over Law in Montana

Montana's new move-over law requires drivers approaching a stationary emergency, towing, or maintenance/construction to slow down to the temporary posted speed limit. If no temporary speed limit is posted the driver is required to:

  • Slow by 20 MPH below the posted speed limit on the Interstate if able to move lanes. (or half the posted speed limit if you're not able to move lanes)
  • Slow by 30 MPH below the posted speed limit on a state highway or county road if able to move lanes. (or half the posted speed limit if you're not able to move lanes)
  • Slow down by half the posted speed limit on all other roads.
Montana Move Over Law

If you see a stationary vehicle with flashing lights, you need to slow down and change lanes safely. Drivers could get fined up to 10,000 and receive up to 1 year in jail for breaking the law. For more details about the move-over law in Montana, click here.

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