In less than 5 minutes, let U of M professor Diana Six share what the pine beetle is really all about. How bad has the devastation been? What are the causes? Are some pine trees resistant to the pine beetle?

This quick video is incredibly informative and well made. (It was uploaded to VIMEO by CJ O'Flair.)

According to the official VIMEO description:

When Professor Diana Six enters the forest, she is on a mission to crack the genetic code of the pine tree.

She's driven to understand the trees, the mountain pine beetle and their relationship with our forests.

Hear about what this beetle--recently responsible for the largest insect outbreak in recorded history--can tells us about the future of our forests and climate.

Truly, this quick video is a healthy dose of educational facts about one of the most devastating environmental "disasters" in Montana history.

To learn more about the work of Diana Six, VISIT THE SIX LAB at the University of Montana.

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