The Starlite Drive-In was originally opened in 1950. For decades, it was a popular destination for Bozeman families until it closed in the early '90s. It was originally located on the north side of Bozeman.

Now, the Starlite Drive-in is being reopened after 30 years. The new location is at 6465 River Rd. near Four Corners. The Starlite will feature a 25-ft state-of-the-art LED screen just like you see at the concerts.

The Starlite Drive-In will reopen July 24 and 25. Filmites Montana LLC has resurrected the original Starlite sign from the '50s. This weekend two movies that were made in Montana will be shown.The brand new LED screen at the Starlite Drive-In was recently tested to make sure it was good to go for this weekend. Check out the video below.

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