Did you watch the premier of the Real Housewives last night?  What did you think? ~Erin

One of the most-anticipated season premieres of the fall, as well as the most unfortunate, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills returned to Bravo Monday night, less than a month after the suicide of Russell Armstrong, the estranged husband of Housewives castmate Taylor Armstrong.

His death provoked a good deal of debate among viewers, and possibly panic over at Bravo. And here we had the outcome.

The show started with the Housewives, minus Taylor, meeting at Adrienne Maloof’s home and discussing the death, which they generally attributed to financial problems. It was like a salon of Victorian gentlewomen trying to allude to a scandal without having to rattle their teacups violently. (An actual photo of Russell might have helped.)

“I had too much information to want to connect with him,” said Lisa, rather credibly. Kyle Richards cried, “I think a lot of us feel some guilt about not seeing this coming,” then concluded: “Life goes on. It has to.”

And The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills goes on, too. It has to.

An onscreen message informed us that the show had been recorded prior to Russell’s death. But as Bravo had already announced, the show was re-edited after his death.

via Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 2 Premiere : People.com.