A popular reality TV show on MTV was recently filmed in Montana.

According to a press release from MTV, season 4 of Floribama Shore will take place partly in Montana. In the first three seasons of Floribama Shore, the cast was in Florida. In the upcoming season, which returns to MTV on February 25, the southerners are heading to a much more remote location in Montana.

Personally, I've never seen the show, but from the name, I'd guess it's the southern version of Jersey Shore. So, if you enjoy watching people get really drunk and engage in alcohol fueled drama, you might want to check it out.

In the trailer for season 4, cast members can be seen sledding down snowy hills in Montana while carrying a half gallon of tequila. There's also a shot of downtown Bozeman in the trailer. The iconic Baxter Hotel sign is a dead giveaway.

The rest of the trailer includes a preview of all of the drama that's included in the upcoming season. After all, It wouldn't be reality TV if there wasn't a little drama.

Judging from the footage in the trailer, the cast of Floribama Shore had a difficult time adapting to life in Montana.

In the trailer, the cast also reacts to the news that they're headed to Montana saying;

"Montana...Yeehaw" and "I can be a cowgirl."

You can catch the premiere of Floribama Shore on Thursday, February 25 on MTV.

If you're wondering what the show is about, check out the trailer below. WARNING: It is NSFW.

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