If you're planning on heading out to take advantage of Black Friday deals this Friday, make sure to support local businesses in Bozeman.

Many Bozeman businesses have struggled to survive the past couple of years, and could really use your support. Downtown Bozeman has a variety of businesses owned by our neighbors that are living right here in the Bozeman community.

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Instead of shopping at big box stores in Bozeman, do your shopping at a locally owned business, where you'll find items that can't be found at major retailers. You'll be able to find a unique gift for your friends and relatives this holiday season.

Local business owners invest in our community and generally offer better customer service. It's also more convenient. You can also find a lot of great locally made products. Many Bozeman businesses support local nonprofits, so by keeping your cash close to home, you're helping to support those organizations as well.

If you decide to do all of your shopping in downtown Bozeman, everything is within walking distance which will make getting it done easier. Shopping locally also helps create more jobs and stimulates the Bozeman economy.

Check out this helpful list of businesses in downtown Bozeman, and make a plan to shop local this year. You'll discover some great products and services provided by local business owners while helping strengthen the Bozeman economy and community.

Bozeman's unique businesses are something to be proud of, and when we all support them, we help build a better Bozeman.

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