Bozeman is a great place to live if you're a foodie. You have a lot of options when it comes to finding a restaurant to fit your taste.

When it comes to lunch, I usually tend to stay in the general radius of where I work. I often pop over to Backcountry Burger Bar or Red Sugar Dim Sum on Main Street. Those are two of my personal favorites in the downtown area.

Recently, a person that will be visiting Bozeman soon asked for recommendations for some good, not super expensive places to eat while they're in town. Many Reddit users responded with some great ideas if you're looking for a tasty lunch in Bozeman.

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Here are a few lunch recommendations from users on the Bozeman Reddit page.

bhammer39 recommended Fink's Deli, and jillberticus42 was quick to point out the fact the Wild Crumb is right next door. She claims it's the best bakery in town.

Quite a few people on the Bozeman Reddit page recommended Fink's Deli. If you haven't tried it, you might want to check it out. The food is really good.

Los Jarochos was recommended if you're craving Mexican food, and if you're looking for Indian food, Pakeezah is a popular choice.

VeblenWasRight says that the Bill Murray pizza at Red Tractor is the best they've ever had.

If you're looking for some delicious southern fried chicken, Roost is highly recommended.

Nollie_Shuv is a fan of Five on Black for delicious simple and fresh Brazilain bowls.

Some other local lunch spots that made the list are Fiesta Mexicana, Cafe Zydeco, Taco Montes, Sidewall Pizza, El Rodeo, and Naked Noodle.

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