Southeastern Montana is getting hammered with snow, wind, and cold temperatures. Semis have been blown over, blocking lanes of traffic and some major roads have been closed down altogether.

As of Wednesday morning, US-212 was still closed from Crow Agency (south of Hardin) all the way to the Wyoming border. This is the highway that crosses most of SE Montana, headed toward South Dakota.

Reports of various disabled vehicles have been issued, often blocking full lanes of traffic. Commercial trucks/semis are having trouble in the wind, too.

A Blizzard Warning has been issued for a good chuck of the area, and Winter Weather Advisories for the rest of SE Montana. Snow amounts can vary drastically, but with all the wind...visibility is terrible and conditions are dangerous.

MDT - Government Hill
MDT - Government Hill

The direct route into Wyoming via 90 has been technically open but conditions are icy and snow-covered. Travel is not recommended if you can avoid it. The fewer vehicles on the roads, the less chance of an accident. According to the National Weather Service:

  • WHAT...Blizzard conditions are expected with periods of moderate to heavy snow.
  • Additional snow accumulations between 4 and 11 inches.
  • Winds gusting as high as 40 mph.
  • WHERE...Carter and Powder River.
  • WHEN...Until 5 AM Thursday.
  • IMPACTS...Travel will be very difficult to impossible.
  • Widespread blowing snow will significantly reduce visibility producing periods of whiteout conditions.
  • Travel should be restricted to emergencies only. If you must travel, have a winter survival kit with you.
  • If you get stranded, stay with your vehicle.


Conditions in southeast Montana and northern Wyoming are very bad right now. If you don't need to go, don't go. Emergency travel has been recommended. Let's keep our first responders safe by not requiring their rescue efforts.

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