We've all seen it. In the middle of the winter, some dude will be walking through downtown Bozeman wearing shorts. It's something that has a lot of us scratching our heads.

Let's face it. It gets really cold in Montana during the winter. To most of us, the thought of wearing shorts outside is absolutely insane. Living in Montana, you become acclimated to the weather. You get used to the cold for the most part, but sometimes it can still be hard to handle.

I'll admit that once it gets into the mid-40s, I've worn shorts a time or two. After all, 45 degrees feels pretty nice compared to the subzero temperatures most Montanans recently experienced.

I personally know a couple of people that NEVER wear pants regardless of how nasty the weather is outside. They wear a big puffy jacket but are always rocking shorts. He was out shoveling snow in shorts last week when temperatures were well below zero. I asked him why he only wears shorts, and he told me that his legs never really get cold. I don't know, it still seems pretty crazy to me.

I tried to find more information online about the Montana fashion phenomenon, and came across a thread on Reddit asking "Why some guys wear shorts in winter?"

Here are a few of the responses.

cm64 said;

Because they’re comfy and easy to wear! But seriously, I find shorts way more comfortable, and generally speaking in winter I'm outside for 30 seconds while I walk to my car and then 30 seconds while I walk to the next building. Then it's warm inside. I'd rather be comfortable for the other 1439 minutes of my day and cold for that one minute than be uncomfortable all day and warm for the brief moments I'm outside.

gw2dude said;

It's the leg hair that does the trick prolly. Source: a friend of mine had one leg shaven in a drunk festival haze and he was stunned by the difference.

Read more responses here.

While it may remain a mystery to most of us, it seems that some people just aren't as sensitive to the cold temperatures in Montana. I still think they're a little crazy.

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