Most people take great pride in where they live and would argue that their state is better than other states. There's no arguing that Montana is one of the best states in the country, and here's why.

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Montana was the 41st state admitted to the union in 1889, and at the time, it was pretty much the wild west. Much of the state's population consisted of cattle ranchers, miners, and homesteaders.

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Much has changed since the state's humble beginnings. Montana has officially been discovered, and thousands of people from other states have packed their bags and headed for Montana. Like it or not, Montana isn't a secret anymore.

Kids with 4-H lamb on family ranch in Big Timber, Montana
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Why Have So Many People Moved to Montana?

There's a reason that so many folks have decided to move to Montana. It's simply better than most other states. No offense to anyone that was born in the midwest, but it's not a very beautiful place, and the humidity makes it even worse. It has earned the nickname "armpit of America." If you ask me, that's not a very flattering moniker.

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What Makes Montana Better Than Other States?

There are many reasons why Montana is better than other states. Some Montanans take great pride in their state but get upset when other people learn about how great it is. Our intention isn't to make anyone angry. We just want to highlight a few things that make Montana one of the best places in America. Check out the reasons below.

10 Reasons Why Montana Is Better Than Other States

What makes Montana so much better than other states?

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