I get it. Bozeman is a beautiful place. It makes sense why people would want to move here from larger cities.

Lately, there have been a lot of posts on Bozeman area Facebook groups from people asking for advice about moving to Bozeman. Mainly, people are asking about finding a place to live and are hit with responses that reveal the reality of living in Bozeman.

Visually, Bozeman is a paradise, but for many folks that live here, that's not the case. Affordable housing in Bozeman is practically nonexistent. Sure, there are a lot of places to work, but you need to plan on working at least two full-time jobs just to get by. That should help you cover rent and utilities, but if you want to have some expendable income, you'll have to work a third job. Don't worry though, you'll get used to living paycheck to paycheck.

The fact is unless you're one of the wealthier people living in Bozeman, living here is going to be a struggle. If you dream of owning a home in the Bozeman area, good luck. Median home prices in the area continue to skyrocket. If a house is listed for sale in Bozeman, it will most likely get multiple offers within hours. Many of them well above the asking price. Unless you have cash on hand, you're at a disadvantage when it comes to buying a home.

Bozeman is changing rapidly, and a lot of the change isn't for the better. Bozeman isn't the quaint little mountain town that it once was. The reality is that it's difficult for most people to survive and live here. This is simply my opinion, but I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one experiencing the stresses that come along with trying to get by in Bozeman.

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