The PlayStation 4 might be winning the console race in terms of sales when compared to the Xbox One, but a possible price cut might turn things back in Microsoft's favor.

According to VG247, a highly renown, senior source of behind-the-scenes info has let them in on what's planned in the near future for the Xbox One. Microsoft has told its business partners that it plans on releasing a new model of the Xbox One before the end of 2014.

While we're unsure whether or not that this is the disc-less system that we reported on yesterday, the new system is expected to be cheaper than the current Xbox. A logical idea would be that a disc-less Xbox One would be set at the same price as the PlayStation 4 in order to promote head-to-head sales.

Given the amount of content that PlayStation provides online for the PS4, compared to the small amount of exclusive content on the Xbox Live Arcade for the Xbox One, we're not surprised to hear that the PS4 is currently winning. There are still many issues with the Xbox One's general interface, along with many of its exclusive apps, that we hope get addressed in March (e.g., the ability to take screenshots). Hopefully, Microsoft will come through with their rumored, competitive digital pricing before this disc-less Xbox is released.

Based on Microsoft seeking legal ramifications for the leaked information, we think that this cheaper Xbox One, along with the previously leaked information from yesterday, has some sort of validity to it. But again, we suggest you take these rumors with a grain of salt.