A lot of people decorate their homes with colorful lights during the holiday season. In addition to hanging Christmas lights, it's not uncommon to see folks swap out their porch lights with different colors as well. You may not know it, but some colors have a special meaning and are meant to show support for certain causes.

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In Montana, many residents show support for local law enforcement by displaying blue porch lights. Light bulbs come in a variety of colors, and each color means something different. Green porch lights indicate support for Veterans or members of the military. If you see a red porch light, you may assume that it's some sort of holiday decoration, but it could be something more.

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As mentioned above, certain colors are associated with a variety of special causes. For instance, the color pink shows support for breast cancer awareness. Purple shows support for victims of domestic violence. To learn more about the meaning of light colors, click here.

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What Does a Home With A Red Porch Light Mean in Montana?

According to House Digest, seeing a home with a red porch light has a very important meaning. February is American Heart Month. Each year, cardiovascular disease claims the lives of over a half million Americans.

Most of the time, heart problems are associated with men, but Go Red For Women has started a campaign to create awareness of the issue of women and heart disease. If you have lost a loved one due to a heart attack or cardiovascular disease, displaying a red porch light during February is a great way to show support. A red porch light can also show support for firefighters and first responders.

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