Parkwide wildland fire danger for Yellowstone National Park has been reduced to HIGH.

Backcountry fire restrictions were officially lifted on October 1.

Backcountry and trails

  • Charcoal or wood fire campfires that may produce ash or embers are prohibited in the backcountry, including those in established fire rings
  • Portable gas stoves and lanterns are permitted in areas that are barren or cleared of all overhead and surrounding flammable materials within 3 feet
  • Smoking is prohibited in the backcountry and on all trails, except immediately adjacent to the provided fire ring in designated campsites or within a 3-foot-diameter area barren of all flammable material (e.g. standing in water, on a boat).

Frontcountry and developed areasSmoking is permitted only in

  • an enclosed vehicle
  • a single-family dwelling
  • a developed campground
  • a day-use picnic area
  • within a 3-foot-diameter area that is barren or cleared of all flammable material

There is no restriction on campfires in designated fire rings in frontcountry developed campgrounds (Madison, Canyon, Bridge Bay, Grant Village) and day-use picnic areas. All campfires must be cold to the touch before abandoning. Soak, stir, feel, repeat.

When extinguishing a campfire, all campfires must be cold to the touch before abandoning. Soak, stir, feel, repeat until cold.

The Lone Star Fire is the only active fire currently burning in Yellowstone National Park. The lightning-ignited fire was fire reported on August 22 approximately three miles south of Old Faithful. The last update on the Lone Star Fire was on September 24. At the time of the update, the fire was 4,118 acres. An estimated containment date of Friday, October 30 was set.

Beginning with the Sour Fire on August 1, a total of nine fires have been reported in Yellowstone National Park. Of the nine, five are out, three are being monitored, and one is listed as active.

To stay updated about current fire activity in Yellowstone National Park, click here.

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