Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Yellowstone National Park has constantly been testing employees for the coronavirus.

Beginning in May, YNP began reporting COVID-19 testing results for the park's estimated 2,000 employees.

Total Confirmed Positive COVID-19 Cases for Yellowstone National Park employees:

    • May - Employees: 0
    • June - Contractor: 1 (recovered) / Employees: 0
    • July - Employees: 2 (recovered)
    • August - Employees: 2 (recovered)
    • September - Employees: 16 (8 recovered; 8 still in recovery)

Since the first week of September, 16 of the park’s estimated 2,000 employees, or 0.8 percent, have tested positive for COVID-19, including seven National Park Service and nine concession employees.

Eight of the 16 individuals have recovered, while the other eight individuals are still in recovery. The number of employees that tested positive are the most in one month since the park began testing employees in May.

All employees who have tested positive have been isolated per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and county public health guidelines. Contact tracing has occurred with the assistance of Park County, MT, and Park County, WY. The park had four positive employee cases between May 18 and August 30. A contractor also tested positive in June.

No further information will be released in order to protect each employee’s privacy.

In partnership with the states of Montana and Wyoming, the park has substantially increased employee surveillance testing and has conducted more than 1,100 tests since the first week of September. More than 3,000 tests have been conducted since the park reopened in May.

The information in this article was provided in a press release from Yellowstone National Park. The park will continue to provide routine COVID-19 updates here.

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