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Kim Kardashian A Pop Star?
I am just going to be blunt - I hate when people who have no business being in the music world decide to release an album.   I believe that music is inspired by culture, years of work, and respect. Recently it was  Kim Zolziak from the Real Housewives, Up next - Kim Kardashian.  …
Ashlee Simpson And Pete Wentz Call It Quits
Looks like the Simpson sisters' unlucky love streak continues!
After nearly three years of marriage Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and Fall Out Boy frontman Pete Wentz are calling it quits. TMZ.com reports that Ashlee filed for divorce citing "irreconcilable differences" as the reason. She is asking …
Montana Does Well At Wheel

On most nights, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy get watched at my house.  I suck a Jeopardy and Ross (the history major) is good at it, and I suck a little less at Wheel of Fortune (but usually beat him, barely).  Tuesday night a man from Montana won 25,000 in one round, ending up the big winner!  I d…
Miley Cyrus Is Bad, Duh
I have said it from the beginning - Miley Cyrus is NOT a good influence on young people.  She recently was voted the "Worst Celebrity Influence"  for the second year in a row.   Do you agree???
Who Are The Bigger Wimps About Colds? Men Or Women?
A recent study says that Men are Wimps about getting sick!  Do you agree??
ABC News
Flu season has arrived, and depending how bad this season shapes up to be, as many as 60 million Americans could be infected.
More of the victims might be men than women.

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