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Kim Kardashian A Pop Star?
I am just going to be blunt - I hate when people who have no business being in the music world decide to release an album.   I believe that music is inspired by culture, years of work, and respect. Recently it was  Kim Zolziak from the Real Housewives, Up next - Kim Kardashian.  …
Ashlee Simpson And Pete Wentz Call It Quits
Looks like the Simpson sisters' unlucky love streak continues!
After nearly three years of marriage Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and Fall Out Boy frontman Pete Wentz are calling it quits. TMZ.com reports that Ashlee filed for divorce citing "irreconcilable differences" as the reason. She is asking …
Montana Does Well At Wheel

On most nights, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy get watched at my house.  I suck a Jeopardy and Ross (the history major) is good at it, and I suck a little less at Wheel of Fortune (but usually beat him, barely).  Tuesday night a man from Montana won 25,000 in one round, ending up the big winner!  I d…
Miley Cyrus Is Bad, Duh
I have said it from the beginning - Miley Cyrus is NOT a good influence on young people.  She recently was voted the "Worst Celebrity Influence"  for the second year in a row.   Do you agree???

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