The notorious I-90 corridor between Bozeman and Big Timber will get VERY gusty winds until early Sunday morning. Several Montana counties are under a High Wind Watch or a High Wind Warning.

If you'll be traveling through the area, slow down and be hyper aware of the vehicles around you. These gusty winds will affect tall cars and trucks, and will certainly make things more difficult for semi-trucks.

(Keep an eye out for detours through Livingston, off of I-90. They are a common occurrence when very gusty winds kick up.) If there is a detour, you'll be alerted on the electronic highway billboards.

According to the National Weather Service:

  • WHAT TO EXPECT WITH THIS WATCH...Southwest winds gusting up to 70 mph possible.
  • WHERE WILL BE AFFECTED...Beartooth Foothills and Livingston Area.
  • OTHER AFFECTED AREAS: Judith Gap, Southern Wheatland, Melville Foothills and Northern Sweet Grass from late Friday night through Saturday evening.
  • Strong crosswinds could make travel difficult along Highway 191 from Big Timber through Judith Gap.
  • WHEN...From late Friday night through Saturday evening.
  • IMPACTS OF THIS WATCH/WARNING...Strong crosswinds could make travel difficult along Interstate 90 from Livingston to Big Timber and roads along the Beartooth Foothills.

In addition to the weekend-long Watch detailed above, many counties are under shorter term Watches and Warnings. Counties that are north of Bozeman and Livingston all the way to the Canadian border will experience gusty winds through Thursday night into early Friday morning.

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