Halloween is this week, and while the holiday is meant to be fun, it can also pose some potential dangers for animals.

The Bozeman Police Department has offered some helpful pet safety tips to keep your furry friends safe this Halloween.

Bozeman Police Department
Bozeman Police Department

CandyChocolate is toxic to pets. Keep all candy locked up and out of reach of animals.

XylitolThe sugar free substitute xylitol, often found in gum, candy, baked goods, desserts, and toothpaste can cause:

  • Low blood sugar - Symptoms are lethargy, lack of muscle control, coma, and seizures.
  • Liver failure - Symptoms are vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, coma, and seizures.

Care - It may be best to keep your pets confined during trick-or-treating.

Wrappers - Watch out for wrappers as they can cause bowel obstructions

Decorations - If you have holiday decorations out, please watch your pet and make sure they are not chewing the cords.

Identification - Make sure your pet has proper identification in the event they do get out.

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