It goes without saying that you should always lock your vehicle, but even then theft can and does occur. The Bozeman Police Department has issued a photo of a suspect in recent vehicle thefts.

Photo Bozeman Police Department

Here is the official Press Release from the Bozeman Police Department:

Since December 2, 2015 the Bozeman Police Department has responded to several
reports of thefts from motor vehicles and thefts of vehicles.
In just the last two days, the Bozeman Police Department has received reports from
citizens indicating at least ten vehicles having been gone through and items taken.
Anything from sunglasses to a passport was taken and it appears all of the vehicles had
been left unlocked prior to the theft.

We also suspect many people have not reported similar incidents and understand the impact may be much higher than this.

In addition to reports of items stolen from vehicles, we also received reports of four
vehicles which were stolen during the same two days. As with the previously reported
crimes, the cars were left unlocked and keys were available somewhere in the vehicle. All
four vehicles were recovered unoccupied in town.
At least two of the stolen vehicles are believed to be connected and the investigation is
ongoing into all these thefts.

We also encourage victims of crimes to report them so we have an accurate idea of the impact to our community and assist us in appropriately deploying resources in an attempt to find the person(s) responsible.
Anyone with further questions, comments or information regarding these crimes should contact Sgt. Travis Munter of the Bozeman Police Department at (406) 582-2006