According to a report by the Park County Sheriff's Office, officers responded to a call about a vehicle upside down in the Yellowstone River at approximately mile marker 10 on East River Road just before noon on Thursday, January 14.

The Park County Sheriff's Office, Montana Highway Patrol, and Paradise Valley Fire responded to the call. The driver was rescued and brought to safety with no major injuries thanks to the heroic efforts of law enforcement and rescue crews.

A section of East River Road between Six Mile Creek and Murphy Lane remains closed for a short time Thursday as crews continue to clean debris from the scene.

While we're thankful thank there were no injuries, the incident serves as a great reminder to take it slow and be on the lookout for icy patches on the roadway. Winter is Montana can create unpredictable travel conditions, and attentive driving is of upmost importance.

If you don't take it slow when there's snow and ice on the road, you could easily put your life in danger, as well as the lives of other drivers.

During the winter when roads are covered in snow and ice, give yourself extra time to reach your destination. Sometimes, even the posted speed limit is too fast for safely driving in snowy and icy conditions. Slowing down is the most important thing to do when driving on ice and snow. High speeds make it both easy to lose control and difficult to stop.

Also, go easy on your brakes. Brake application is a common trigger of slides that result in a loss of vehicle control. ABS (antilock brakes) do not work well on ice and snow, and often will lock up your wheels regardless.

Montana Winter Emergency Travel Kit

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