Taking a 'mental health' day has always been a thing for grown adults. Why shouldn't it be a legitimate thing for Montana kids? Being a kid these days can be a minefield of pressure, anxiety, violence and bullying.

Maxwell Ingham - Unsplash
Maxwell Ingham - Unsplash

Taking a day off every once in a while to have some fun when you 'should' be in school is a hell of a lot better of an idea than tossing our kids onto anxiety meds at a young age. Life happens. And often times it's worrisome and stressful...especially to kids who may not have the life tools to process challenging times just yet.

They're kids. Let's allow them to blow off some steam in a healthy way, or get some sleep. Whatever is appropriate that particular day. Mental Health days for students are now a legislated thing in at least 12 states with more on the way. Montana is not currently one of those states. Studies vary greatly, but with up to 30% of kids suffering from 'anxiety disorders' it seems we should attack the issue with the best methods we can.

Let's be honest...when your kid is having a terrible day or week, you might already be keeping them from school to settle down. There might be a serious issue at school or at home that requires some extra attention or one-on-one time doing something fun. Adults need it. Why would we not allow (and occasionally encourage) our kids to do it?

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Montana is the perfect state for school kids to get a few mental health days. We are surrounded by endless outdoor pursuits, hiking, skiing, whatever. Sometimes it's as simple as some face-time with Mom or Dad. With so many young people needing to see counselors or being prescribed anxiety meds, it would be nice to at least act like we're doing everything in our power to avoid those options.


Mental health days wouldn't be a magic fix to heavy issues a young person might be dealing with, but maybe it's a small, easy-to-implement band-aid for a few bad days. There really is something to be said for playing hooky once in a while to do something fun without academic repercussions.

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