When you think of this small Montana town, people often tend to think of old buildings, cowboys, and gorgeous views. We had no idea this town should also be recognized for another accomplishment.

People love having options when it comes to food. Whether people want to eat American, Italian, Mexican, or other cuisines, people love having options. In Montana, you might have limited options, but there are so many quality restaurants statewide that will always be something to satisfy your hunger. So what's the best food city in Montana?

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We did a report a while ago about how Bozeman is the best food city in Montana. The only other cities we would consider fantastic food cities are Missoula and Whitefish. Both places have a variety of restaurants that are highly rated and beloved by locals.

Then we found this article about another food city in Montana, and we might have to rethink our picks.

Livingston Area Chamber via Facebook
Livingston Area Chamber via Facebook

Food and Wine made an article titled, An incredible Food City is Hiding in the Rural West and had to find out what city they were talking about. According to Food and Wine, the one food city we should be aware of is Livingston.

Livingston is more known as a rustic cowboy town. Beautiful brick buildings with history, gorgeous views of the Paradise Valley, and all the wind you can handle. Livingston is known as a quiet town where people stop when heading to Yellowstone National Park, but now things have changed.

One restaurant that they note is Campione. Campione is an Italian restaurant that has been gaining popularity over the past year, and we can see why. Looking at the pictures of Campione's food looks delicious, and now I want to take a trip out there.

EatCampione via Instagram
EatCampione via Instagram

When we started thinking of other food options in Livingston, there are some incredible options in this small town. There is Mark's In & Out for a throwback fast-food feel, and we can't forget the Murray Bar, which serves classic wood-fired pizza.

So the next time you are in the mood for food and don't want to eat anything in Bozeman, you should head east and enjoy what Livingston offers. You might see what the fuss is all about.

For more details, check out Food and Wine.

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