It's not arrogant. It's simply true. Our trout are the most gorgeous trout in the world. I don't care WHERE you live. Montana fly fishing gets its ego stroked all the time, but the Montana FISH THEMSELVES are genuinely some of the prettiest creatures ever to swim the earth.

Josh Diller filmed and edited this quick, stunning piece that was filmed just outside of Livingston, Montana. (It was made available by Daily Rise Productions out of Summit County, CO. Ironic? Maybe.)

Either way, Josh catches some truly gorgeous animals. These trout are healthy, vibrant and the envy of the fish world. According to Josh:

This is a self filmed short edit of my highlights streamer fishing for wild cutthroat outside Livingston, Montana.

I had little time to fish guiding for Montana Whitetails but you better believe any free time I had was spent on the river. Enjoy!

Thanks, Josh!