It takes patience to live in Bozeman during the Winter for many reasons but the first real day of bad roads is a friendly reminder to think happy thoughts while driving. Patience, grasshopper.

As we joke all year long about Bozeman drivers, a day like today with packed snow and icy highways elevates the eye rolling to another level.

Let's take a few moments during our commute to relax, slow down and give patience to the person in front of us who is being overly cautious.

I choose to believe the person in front of me doing 25 in a 45 is genuinely frightened to be driving at that particular moment but probably MUST be driving at that particular moment.

Our roads do turn into skating rinks on occasion but I think we can agree that's fairly rare. Slowing down a bit is never a bad idea when the weather is poor.

HOWEVER, my hope is for there to eventually be a safe and happy medium between being conservative and getting to work on time.

Be safe. Be kind. Be helpful. But if you're scared to drive at a safe speed in marginal conditions, perhaps it's time to consider NOT driving in marginal conditions. My two cents.

(photo Michelle Wolfe/KMMS)