Twinkle Toes seem to do fairly well in the Bozeman area as a perennial bulb and THESE little guys are my new favorite. They bloom early. They weather through snow. They're pretty and they last several weeks.

Normal Twinkle Toes can be found in many different pretty colors and are hardy to Zone 4 (our zone). I've had excellent luck with the bulbs that I've planted over the last couple of years with them always re-blooming the following season.

These particular bulbs are miniature Twinkle Toes in a lovely periwinkle blue. Not only have they been blooming for three weeks now, but the held up EXTREMELY well to our 12 inches of snow last week.

This picture was taken today, AFTER that big snow dump. Happy planting!

Miniature Twinkle Toes in Bozeman