It's natural to grasp at 'old Bozeman' when things are for sale, closing, changing, being demoed for condos or just laden with rumors of such things. The Haufbrau is not one of those Bozeman icons you need to worry about.

However, I WOULD suggest we do our best to support locally owned 'old school Bozeman' businesses as much as possible...especially now. All of our small businesses need help. It's definitely time to put our money where our mouth is.

Full disclosure: I know Don Frye, the owner of The Haufbrau. Known him for years, long before either one of us was legal to drink. Super good guy and I'm a big fan of his and his dad before him.

If it's been a while since you've been to The Haufbrau, take some time to stop by sometime soon. Or at least call in an order for a Lanny Burger to be picked up. It's a super easy parking lot to get in and out of. (22 South 8th Avenue in Bozeman...right on the corner of South 8th and Babcock.) Phone: (406) 587-4931

Just about everything in The Haufbrau tells a story or has some historical significance. It's a funky joint, no doubt. But those tables tell a hundred stories. Somewhere in there you'll find my name carved in the appropriate year's table top. No, it's not the table from 1963, btw.

I talked with Don the other day and contrary to other happenings in the Barmuda Triangle area, there are no plans for The Hauf to move, close or change. They've been feeding and 'watering' locals and tourists alike since 1962 and no intention of stopping anytime soon.

Haufbrau cooler - Don Frye

Cool Hauf trvia: Did you know that their 'take out' windows were originally from from Watsons Drive-Thru? The folks at The Hauf got creative during the in-dining shutdowns of the COVID-19 pandemic and used them once again as take-out windows.

Also, if you've ever been belly up to the bar and put your feet on that foot're resting on history. The foot rail is original ore cart track from the Madison Valley.

Haufbrau carved table 62 - Don Frye