Just west of Kalispell there is a private airport that lends itself to some incredible Montana skydiving action. Here, you can see it firsthand!

According to Skydiving Lost Prairie:

3175 Lower Lost Prairie Road
Marion, Montana 59925
Near McGregor Lake
Toll-Free: 1-888-833-5867
Voice: 1-406-858-2493
Fax: 1-406-858-2405
Phone Hours: 9AM - 6PM

Located 34 miles west of Kalispell on a private airport we are surrounded by gorgeous mountains that are peppered with pristine lakes. See it all with a unique point of view.

This video was uploaded to VIMEO by user KLASSIC - Thanks for sharing with the rest of us. Very cool!


Skydiving at Lost Prairie 2015 from Klaasic on Vimeo.