Until today, I've been a southWEST Montana snob. When heading east, I drive as fast as possible. This video shot by Andy Austin is incredibly beautiful and an invitation to actually explore the other half of our state. THANK YOU, Andy!

Andy is a Montana State Bobcat alum, having played football and graduating (with honors) in Psychology in 2013. Seeing this gorgeous video made by a Bobcat makes it even better in my opinion....

According to Andy's website, AndyAustinPhoto.com:

I’ve been photographing since I was in young kid carrying around a little film camera taking pictures of my friends in all of our adventures.

In the Summer of 2010 I received a hand-me-down Canon 30D from my father.

This camera re-sparked my love for photography and I’ve worked hard ever since.

Spring will be here soon enough and I know EXACTLY where I'm heading for a camping trip....any suggestions in southEAST Montana?