Well, I didn't MOCK them but I did start laughing so hard that I nearly crashed the car when I drove by them taking pictures of themselves. They certainly weren't doing anything wrong, but it was FUNNY. The blonde vloggers are here and they are owning it.

Anyone who knows me simply knows I am NOT that girl. No shade to those who are but y'all can't get too pissed if you catch me giggling at you posing. We just come from different worlds. No evil intent here, I assure you.

Now that I've watched their little vlog, they seem like very nice girls just trying to live their, like, best life, and like, be obsessed with like, you know, cool stuff. Like, it's all good. Imagine my surprise to learn that the creator is a Miss Alabama. I don't know much about pageants but I know they're a lot of work, no matter how you feel about them. So, mad props to our main character here, Lauren.

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So here's the deal: what I love about these kinds of videos is not only discovering how much makeup vloggers wear, but more importantly where they enjoy going when they visit our town. These young ladies seemed to genuinely, like, enjoy their time here.

You can tell from their footage that their Airbnb is in the new building that overlooks the Barmuda Triangle parking lot. You'll actually pick up on a million little things because, like, you live here and you like, know stuff by sight. You'll love the snow suit in Big Sky. Trust me.

Now, let's give credit where credit is due. The video was made by Lauren Norris who as of this writing has 250,000+ subscribers to her YouTube channel and her Bozeman video has been viewed nearly 40,000 times. Not too shabby, Lauren.

In her own words, this is an excerpt from Lauren's description on YouTube: "Hello, Lovelies! I'm Lauren & I am so happy you came across my channel. I'm currently a junior at The University of Alabama creating videos about my life as a college student. I love talking about all things university, fashion, sorority life, beauty, and lifestyle!

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