It's happened to all of us at least once. You are in the middle of a text conversation with a friend or prospective soul mate and the texts just stop and your mind begins racing. The people at UCBComedy captured this moment brilliantly in a short comedy sketch titled 'They Stop Texting Back.'

First of all, I need to ask what is it with texting these days? Why do people let texting replace actual communication? Lots of the communication gets lost in text messages. Below I have made a list of the Pros and Cons of texting.

Texts allows time to think before responding
Texts are not as scary as calling (you know that cute girl/guy you met last night terrifies you)
Texts are permanent (well okay, semi-permanent)
Texts are fun

Texts don't maintain the subtle meaning of a thought
Texts can be intrusive
Texts are impersonal
Texts annoy people around the receiver of a message

There you have it. If you are texting, make sure it's about something fun, there isn't the chance of being misunderstood, you want the person receiving it to have it basically forever, and don't be a jerk and assume the person is going to drop everything he/she is doing just to respond to your texts.