Mom Gets Stolen Van Back Via Text
A mother of five returned to the parking lot to an empty space. Her van had been stolen. The only thing she could think to do was text the phone that was in the van and hope for a response. It worked.
Nail Polish That Can Detect Drugs
Dear women who go to parties: Four college guys have created a nail polish that could save your life. Undercover Colors is a polish that, once in contact with a narcotic, changes color as a warning. The company isn't official yet. It can be, though.
Use of Knee Defender Diverts Plane. A What?
A "Knee Defender" sounds like something we all need on a long flight. I had no idea these things existed until the story of a United flight diversion due to a little spat after a passenger used a Knee Defender.
Emmy Gift Bag – All About The Selfie
Tonight's Emmy Awards will include talk of fashion, the red carpet and whether or not Breaking Bad will take home the award over True Detective. For me, it's about those gift bags full of randomly awesome gifts that we all would love to have.
You’re Richer Than You Thought. Here’s Proof!
Money is an issue most of the time. It seems that it doesn't go as far as it once did. Okay, let's be real, it's always a mystery how an entire paycheck is already spoken for before it even hits the bank account. Did you know that the money you have right this minute is worth more tha…
Heads Up: I’ve Discovered There Are Ice Bucket Challenge Rules
I see your challenge, friends, and I accept! After seeing all of your epic Ice Bucket Challenge dumps, I figured it was going to be a very simple thing to do. Turns out, there's much more that goes into it. If you haven't done yours yet, I have listed some rules that, I've discovered,…
The Ultimate Madonna Auction
Calling all Madonna fans with deep pockets. This is your moment. You will have an opportunity to bid on classic Madonna items. From underwear to jewelry to dresses, it's all fair game. The weird part: Madonna doesn't know it's happening.

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