According to a press release from Montana State University, the number of students enrolled in summer classes is the highest in nearly two decades.

Students also took credits in higher numbers on average. The university’s summer enrollment headcount was the largest in nearly two decades, increasing 3.4% over the prior summer.

Robert Mokwa, executive vice president for academic affairs and provost, praised MSU students for taking advantage of summer offerings to work toward degree completion. He noted that doing so helps students graduate sooner and with less debt.

We applaud our students’ efforts to complete their degrees in a timely way. We know that graduating in four years, as opposed to five or six years, can save students and their families thousands to tens of thousands of dollars in tuition and accompanying room, board and other costs.

Mokwa said.

Mokwa noted that graduating on time also enables students to enter the workforce one to two years earlier.

In all, 4,089 students enrolled in summer classes at MSU this year, compared to 3,954 in 2019, according to Chris Fastnow, vice president for planning and analysis. Fastnow said it was the highest summer enrollment at MSU since at least 2000.

To read the entire press release from Montana State University, click here.

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