We're not sure if the squirrel in this week's top viral video was put over the edge by the last 'Fast and the Furious' movie or if he's just playing chicken with his squirrel squad. Either way, he's is now a viral celeb squirrel and has earned the top spot in our top 10 this week.

This video deserves it, people are going nuts over it. Sorry, we couldn't resist the pun.

Along with the stunt squirrel the internet brought us an interesting amateur cover of a song using an unusual instrument, some unbelievable footage of the dust storm in Phoenix, and a few videos of animals still doing unexpected things.



Go, go, go lucky squirrel!

You're Gonna Miss Me- Lulu and the Lampshades (Cover)

Phoenix Dust Storm

Ape with AK-47 [Fake]

Bill Bailey's Message to Metallica

World's Largest Fireworks Display

Squirrel Epic Jump Fail

Kid Dancing to Thriller

A Capella of Du Hast

Orangoutang catches snacks at the zoo

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