A 27 year old woman was startled by a fox, causing her to stumble and dislocate her hip on a trail south of Big Sky on Friday. Thankfully this scary scenario had a few strokes of good luck.

According to the official press release from the Gallatin County Sheriff's Office:

  • On Friday morning at 11:21 am, Gallatin County 911 received a report of an injured hiker on Cinnamon Creek Trail south of Big Sky.
  • The caller reported his wife found a 27 yr old woman two miles up the trail, unconscious with an injured leg.
  • The caller told the Sheriff’s Deputy he was communicating with his wife through a Garmin In-Reach text message device.
  • Sheriff’s Search and Rescue at Big Sky and the Big Sky Fire Department were dispatched.
  • In addition the REACH medical helicopter and the Sheriff’s Heli Rescue team were launched.
  • Rescuers on foot and ATV located her at 1:34 pm. She had recovered somewhat and was alert and oriented when they arrived.
  • The responding helicopters were canceled because her condition had improved.
  • It was discovered that she was carrying a forty pound pack and when a fox ran out in front of her, she pivoted and dislocated her hip.
  • A Big Sky Fire Paramedic who is also a Search and Rescue member assessed the injured hiker and administered medication.
  • She was packaged on a one wheeled rescue litter and transported back to the Cinnamon Creek Trail head to a waiting Big Sky Fire Ambulance.
  • She was taken to the Big Sky Medical Center.
Search and Rescue on trail


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